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Deeds Not Words

Abbott Dance Theatre

Review Quotes & Audience Feedback

It really is a must see for those interested in the subject as well as educational for those of use who may be totally oblivious. There are some really strong images which show us just how far we have come in the fight for female equality and is completely inspiring to make our suffrage sisters proud and keep fighting new fights!

Hildy Harland, Dance Culture North East 2018

The professional actors’ skill and athleticism are truly impressive and the community dancers and singers are not supernumeraries but an integral part of the piece.

Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide 2019

It was a beautiful and powerful performance, really good to see so many talented women of different ages performing. The choir sang beautifully. It was very moving. 

Audience Member, Dance City 2018

What I saw of the performance took my breath away. You captured in your choreography the complex sexual dynamics that both undermine and bolster the fight for women’s rights. I knew where you were going from the first moments of the table setting dance and was thrilled that it intensified.  There were so many moments when your dancers communicated powerfully what words can hardly express. I am very grateful for your work.

Choir Member, Dance City 2018

Launch Day

Abbott Dance Theatre

Review Quotes & Audience Feedback



It’s always exciting when individual pieces of creative work come together to make something else. This project with Kristin’s dancers is inspired by painting and song and I’m delighted that some of my music is a part of it

Mark Knopfler, 2016


It was visually striking with moments of real beauty

Hannah Graham, 2016


The show was wildly popular, drawing a standing ovation, and raucous laughter during its lighter moments

Hannah Graham, 2016

Launch Day is innovative, thoughtful, fun and ultimately, a moving elegy to wor shipyards


Shelley Day, Audience Member Alnwick Playhouse 2016


It is rare to see contemporary dance that isn’t up its’ own XXXX

Audience Member, Alnwick Playhouse 2016


The images that Abbott has created in this performance leave this reviewer speechless

Gemma Hirst, 2016


I left the show feeling really proud of not only the performance art industry but the North East heritage

Gemma Hirst, 2016


All five dancers do well to portray an old Geordie ship worker, in that their physicality’s are hunched over and the movements are laborious to highlight the tiredness of the workers

Gemma Hirst, 2016


Love to see dance that has heritage and history from the place in which it is created, creating a new language for the region, a voice in the North, distinct, original

Emma Hardman, Audience Member Alnwick Playhouse 2016


I was moved to tears, my son worked in the shipyards and I glanced at him during the show and he was crying

Audience Member, Dance City 2016


Kristin Kelly-Abbott succeeded in creating a real connection with the audience (an aspect sometimes lost in contemporary dance)

Carla Melaco, Cuckoo Review 2016


The show was a sincere yet humorous offering that created a relationship not only between dancer and audience, but also with the subject of the work itself

Carla Melaco, Cuckoo Review 2016


I felt a sense of solidarity and fondness toward the labourers of 20th century North East England

Carla Melaco, Cuckoo Review 2016


Warm and touching, raw yet amusing, this show was a rarity in contemporary dance

Carla Melaco, Cuckoo Review 2016


Brilliant social documentary of the shipyard communities' work and life portrayed through amazing dance, sound and film creativity. Really super inspiration brought to life from ‪Alexander Millar's art

Elizabeth Thomas, Audience Member, Queens Hall Hexham 2016

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