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In February - March 2018, Abbott Dance Theatre (ADT) toured our production Launch Day nationally.

As part of this tour, 10 Community Cast Volunteers were recruited in each location to perform alongside the professional dancers.

"It was amazing, I haven’t been lifted in the air that high since I was 3yrs old"

          - Jackie Henville, Bridport Arts Centre 2018

"Giving us the background story to the work about the heritage of the shipyards was really helpful, had a brilliant time, feel so privileged to be involved"

          - Deborah Winstone, Bridport Arts Centre 2018

"This was an experience I will never forget, what a thrill to be integrated into the performance the way we were"

        - Carolyn George, Queens Hall Hexham, South Shields & Newcastle 2018

"Loved everything about the experience"

        - Lynn Rycroft, Queens Hall Hexham & Newcastle 2018

"So sad it’s all over, I’ve had such a fantastic time and have met such lovely people"

       - Denise Scrafton, Queens Hall Hexham 2018

"It was a great experience which I will never forget"

       - Alan Wilkie, Northern Stage, Newcastle 2018

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Abbott Dance Theatre is seeking 15 members of the local community to play the roles of suffragettes/suffragists and their male/female supporters and opponents, in the upcoming tour of Deeds Not Words.


To mark the centenary of the Representation of the People’s Act 1918 (where some women over 30+ won the right to vote in the UK); Abbott Dance Theatre presents Deeds Not Words, a moving and energetic piece of dance theatre highlighting and commemorating women’s suffrage in the UK.

This beautiful piece brings to light the harrowing treatment of women and gender equality – this is a work that sheds light on the physical and mental fight women have faced in their struggle for suffrage.


Are you passionate about the arts?

Aged 50 or over?

Live locally to Dance City (Newcastle), Queens Hall (Hexham), Customs House (South Shields), Forest Arts Centre (Walsall), The Arts Centre EHU (Ormskirk), Newbiggin Maritime Centre (Newbiggin) or Northern Stage (Newcastle)?

Would you like to take to the stage?

Then this opportunity could be for you!

No prior dance experience is needed, just the desire to take part and the ability to commit to one 3-hour taster workshop (date TBC) and a rehearsal weekend prior to the performance. 

Interested in taking part?

Please contact Artistic Director Kristin Kelly-Abbott:


The Hermitage Academy, Chester-le-Street.

"I loved the connection and movement between the art-work and the dance piece."

               - Abbie Clifford Year 8 (13)


"An amazing experience that really made us think about the art."

               - Helen Chong Year 7 (12)


"It was a fun experience and the coach was very energetic."

               - Megan Laidler Year 8 (13)


"It was fun to learn different styles of choreography and I thought it unique to get choreography from paintings."

               - Libbie Wilkinson Year 8 (13)


"The coach was super energetic, making the workshop fun and enjoyable for a range of ages."

               - Emily Best Year 12 (17)


"The energetic coach delivered different styles of dance that was unique. The step by step learning helped the learning of the choreography. It was enjoyable and fun."

              - Courtney Williams Year 12 (16)


"I liked how Kristin created moves based on the art work and I liked the style a lot. Ive done contemporary but not like that."

              - Hannah Warwick Year 8 (13)


"I liked the dance because I've never tried that style before."

              - Josh Metcalfe Year 8 (13)





Castleside Primary School, Durham

"I think it was fun because the moves were strange. My favourite part was pretending to be a gadgy."

              - Sadie, Year 5


"I thought that Kristin taught us a really different kind of style of dance and I was very inspired."

             - Jodi, Year 5

"I had a great time dancing."

             - Kieran, Year 6

"When Mrs Penny said we were dancing I wasn't excited but after 5 minutes I started to enjoy myself, you are amazing and i had excellent fun."

            - Jake, Year 6

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